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Jaffe: it’s all about digital distribution

Submitted by on Tuesday, 16 February 2010No Comment

Forget about peripherals, the most exciting developments in gaming will come through digital distribution. This is the view of David Jaffe, the mastermind behind the God of War franchise.

Jaffe told the UK Official PlayStation Magazine:

“3D has mattered, but in terms of microphones and cameras I couldn’t give a rat’s arse. I’m still trying to get good at making games with just the standard controllers.”

According to Jaffe, digital distribution platforms (such as the PlayStation Network) have given developers more freedom to be creative.

“For me, digital distribution was a really big deal – just the fact that we’re allowed to see games like Shadow Complex and Flower, games that would never be greenlit for $60 retail products.”

“The idea of bypassing retail and speaking directly to the customer is pretty exciting.”

The PlayStation Network has posted impressive figures for 2009 showing a 155% increase in sales when compared to 2008. If it continues to play host to surprising gems such as Flower and PixelJunk Shooter then it will only go from strength to strength.