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The Kamikaze Kittens invade Attitude Towers

Submitted by on Wednesday, 17 February 2010One Comment

There’s a certain tension in the air here at Attitude Towers.  The normally carefree (or slightly bizarre in the case of Danny_D) banter has been replaced by hushed, worried whispers.

You see, there are kittens in the Tower today.  This generally wouldn’t be any cause for concern – kittens are cute right?

But these kittens have a penchant for shooting, and routinely sharpen their claws – step forward the Kamikaze Kittens.

Team Attitude have met with the Kamikaze Kittens before, and it didn’t exactly go well for us.  We were ever so slightly beaten at Killzone 2.

Clearly these ladies are talented gamers, but what makes them tick?

Crystal-baby (CB), Jellyhead26 (JH), Milereb (MR), Eastavenge (EA) and Saiyanangel5 (SA) have kindly agreed to come in and have a chat.

[PS3A]  First off ladies, thank you for taking some time out to have a chat with Team Attitude.  How about a quick introduction?

[CB] Hello, I’m Crystal-baby leader of the Kamikaze Kittens and a multi platform gamer. I do prefer my PS3 though to all the consoles I have. I also live in Germany.

[JH] Hi there I’m Becky.  I’ve been a gamer for nearly 20 years, in that time I’ve owned all PlayStation consoles and love the PS3.  I’ve been in loads of clans, run clans but my home now is in the Kamikaze Kittens.

[MR]Well I’m Milereb or Mil as most people call me.

[EA] Hey.  I am Eastie.

[SA] Hi everyone, I’m saiyanangel5 and I’m an avid gamer who loves playing games mainly on my PS3.

[PS3A] For those out there who are unaware, tell us about the Kamikaze Kittens.

[CB] Kamikaze Kittens is an all female clan for girls that want to have fun with a bit of competitiveness.  You don’t have to be the best to be a member, and our clan is still developing but I think we are doing a great job with it. We play on many games and the main ones we use are Killzone 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Resistance 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and MAG.

[MR] We enjoy taking part in community events, playing games together and generally just having a good laugh.

[EA]  We have a somewhat imaginative obsession with felines and can be heard scratting at your window in the early hours!

[PS3A] Well it seems you have made an impression – how does it feel to have giants like Insomniac Games and the community manager of EA Sports following you on Twitter?

[CB] We are very excited, we love Insomniac Games!  We don’t really play sports games but it’s great that we are being recognised by someone who does alot of community based work.

[PS3A] Speaking of community work, tell us about some of the stuff you do.

[CB] I host an Event called Girls Vs Boys on Killzone 2.  I used to do it on Resistance 2, and I might be doing another one for that soon.  The community we play with is amazing and you couldn’t ask for any better or fairer players, we have loads of fun and thus never parted from the community as we feel at home there.

Here is the link where you can find the event and many others that we attend.

This is one family you really shouldn't mess with.

[PS3A] So on the whole the clan seems very shooter focused.  In your spare time what do you play?

[CB] I love other games; my main genre is RPGs.  I love the Final Fantasy series, I also like horror games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space and many more. The more blood it has the better for me.

[JH] I play many games, but I prefer horror/action adventure games such as Silent Hill, Dead Space and the Metal Gear series.

[MR] Ever since I was a little girl I watched my dad play stuff like Command & Conquer and F-15 Strike Eagle on the PC, which started getting me into games.  Ever since that day I still have a strong love for the flight sim genre.  It was the PlayStation however, that got me into the other genres like RPGs and action-adventures.  I actually hated shooters for the longest of times, because I thought playing them on a PC was way better until I got my hands on Warhawk.

[EA] In terms of online gaming the genre usually stays the same;  shooters (first or third person) are always a must and top of the list as opposed to games such as sports or racing.  Single player wise or just games in general (in the many forms from console to handheld).  Just about everything has its place.  No good being closed minded with games – some of the hidden gems are usually far from your regular games.

[SA] Practice and a lot of playing time makes me better at Killzone 2, in particular. Surprisingly I’ve only started playing shooters in the past year or so. Before, I mainly played RPGs, fighting and action adventure games, but now I can add shooters to the list.

[PS3A] As massive fans of online gaming, tell us how you think the PSN has progressed over the last few years.  Is it up to the benchmark set by Xbox Live?  And if you had the chance what would you improve?

[CB] I haven’t had a good experience with Xbox Live yet, so I’m sticking to the PSN. It’s free and the service is improving with time as well. I just basically prefer my PS3, no competition at the moment.  As for improvements – make it a bit more stable,  I’m not fond of random disconnections.

[JH] As I’ve only experienced PlayStation Network I cannot compare standards set by Xbox Live. Since owning a PS3 from release, they have improved the PSN immensely from HOME to XMB Access In-Game. For the future I’m not sure, I’d like PSN to surprise me.

[MR] Personally I think Microsoft set up a stronger online platform, obviously if you make people pay you can easily invest more money into building on that foundation. PSN on the other hand decided to be free and thus is way more accessible. No, it might not have all the features that make Xbox Live so strong and preferable to people, but ever since the PSN was released it has been going from strength to strength.

[SA] I can’t compare with Xbox Live as I haven’t personally played on it enough, but the PSN seems pretty good and I still love the idea of it being free.

[PS3A] It’s good to see so much PS3 related love, but what other gadgets take your fancy?  If you were stuck on a desert island with a magical plug socket, what would be the one piece of technology you had to have?

[CB] I would want my PSP with some games and movies to pass the time.

[JH] It would have to be my hair straighteners. If anyone was going to save me, my hair would have to be straight! I would hide if it wasn’t!

[MR] A hot water heater might be useful, but have to say my laptop, I would go crazy without it. They better have free wireless!

[EA] Hair Straighteners.  I wouldn’t even let the passing pixies get a glimpse of a bush on my head.

[SA] Some sort of phone with charger to get me out of there. A gaming phone at that, so I can play games while I wait to be rescued. (Ed: We love your logic)

[PS3A] The upcoming game – Heavy Rain – has set a bar for creating an emotional experience for the gamer.  Has any other game affected you emotionally?

[CB] I like horror games that scare you out of your mind when you go around corners. I also like the Final Fantasy stories as you really feel for the characters – Square Enix are awesome at creating great story lines.

[JH] Silent Hill 2, I would not play it in the dark, or on my own as it would end up giving me nightmares. I’m a bit better now, I can now play it without the nightmares.

[MR] I always quite liked the Square Enix games, like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Valkyria Chronicles, because I somehow always managed to connect with the characters through their way of story telling.

[EA] Any game with a decent story, I am willing to get into.  If it has a decent story it will usually have trials and tribulations revolving around the characters – whether that be something from a soppy love story or an untimely demise.  In terms of one that springs to mind – none to be fair.  You could say I move from one game to another too much – I soon move on from one moving ending to another deep story.

[SA] Some of the Final Fantasy games have got to me emotionally because I get so immersed in the story.

[PS3A] 2009 was an epic year for games, but 2010 looks set to surpass it.  What games have caught your eye?

[CB] There are too many games out this year.  I really don’t know why they bring them all out at the same time. I’m looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII as I have most of the games I was looking forward to now, like Bioshock 2.

[JH] Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII and Bad Company 2.

[MR] So much to list, I have to say that I’m mostly looking out for some good JRPG time. Star Ocean, White Knight Chronicles and Final Fantasy XIII.

[EA] Has to be a trick question – some genius thought it would be best if they held off or simply waited until 2010.  It seems the list of games never ceases to get bigger.  To say I never usually pre-order, I have 4 (probably 6 if i can spare it) ready and waiting.  To steer away from the expected – Lost Planet 2.

[SA] Too many good games coming out and not enough time to play them all. Ones I’m definitely getting are Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain, God of War 3 and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition.

[PS3A] Well it’s been great speaking with you all, but before you go we are going to have to ask you one of Team Attitude’s patented random questions, so here it is – If you were a man for a day, what would you do?  Keep it clean ladies!

[CB] Use a public toilet without having to queue for hours. Would have said something else but this seemed cleaner!

[JH] Being a man for a day? Hmmm… Fart, burp and scratch my bits in public.

[MR] I would have to pay 20 bucks to get into my favourite club, seeing as it wont be free for me.

[EA] I’d rule the world.

[SA] Hmm I’d buy a Yorkie bar without feeling uncomfortable.

We’d like to thank the Kamikaze Kittens for dropping by. Suffice to say, there has been a bit of Twitter banter between Team Attitude and the Kamikaze Kittens lately. We smell a rematch, and this time it won’t be civilised – stay tuned.