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Lost in Nightmares Easter Egg lets you see RE5 in a new perspective

Submitted by on Friday, 19 February 20104 Comments

Capcom managed to sneak an Easter Egg into the Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares episode that was just released.

It’s ‘classic’…

In the Lost in Nightmares trailer there was a scene that showcased the classic Resident Evil camera angles in action. Capcom actually decided to allow gamers to play Lost in Nightmares with fixed camera angles.

At the very beginning of the episode investigate the door that you just came from. After you examine the door twice, a new option with a question mark is displayed. Press the square button at the door one more time and now you have fixed camera angles. That’s it!

Jill proves once again that she is 'the master of unlocking'

It takes some time to get adjusted to the controls, but it actually plays pretty well. The only issue is that you still have to aim your gun manually and that can be challenging in certain angles. It’s definitely a nice throwback and fans most likely are going to appreciate this Easter egg. Unfortunately, once you head into the next section of the game, the camera angle reverts back to the over-the-shoulder view. It was fun while it lasted…

Special thanks goes to NBD for showing us this very neat trick

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