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MAG claims a few scalps in the January NPD figures

Submitted by on Tuesday, 16 February 20102 Comments

The NPD Group has released it’s top twenty all formats chart, and we are happy to see that Team Attitude favourite – MAG – has faired well, especially when you see some of the big names that have charted below it.

We aren’t ashamed to admit it – we were beginning to worry about MAG.  The review scores have been all over the place, ranging from excellent to downright poor, so people looking to purchase on day one had a raft of mixed messages to sift through.

Add in the fact that it’s an online only multi-player game and you can start to see our concern – remember Shadowrun anyone?

Judging by the NPD numbers though we need not have worried.  MAG has placed a respectable thirteenth – a decent spot for a console exclusive new IP that had only been on sale for 5 days of the month.

It gets more impressive when you see the games MAG has outsold.  The PS3 version of the big hitter Bayonetta didn’t even chart, and the much anticipated PS3 version of Darksiders came in at fourteenth.

All in all it’s been a good month for Zipper Interactive – at ease men!

One thing we will mention is, if you take a look at the top twenty chart below, doesn’t number twelve fill you with dread?  It’s like the game equivalent of Cliff Richard – It never quite goes away!

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