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MAG Monday week 2 – “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of coloured ribbon”

Submitted by on Monday, 15 February 20106 Comments

The year is 2025.  The Third World War has come and gone; Governments have fallen and economies have collapsed. Beneath all this a secret power struggle rages – welcome to the Shadow War.

Three private military companies vie for power, recruiting whoever offers themselves up to the machine.  Each soldier that gets enlisted to the ranks threatens to tip the scales of power.

It seems the glamour of war is stronger than ever, and yet another member of Team Attitude has emerged from the fog.  Step forward Stefhutch20.

This grizzled  veteran of wars past has been kicked out of the old folks home for his constant use of the word ‘butt’.  He can be found lurking in battlefield corners, shooting young’uns  for having scruffy shoes and untucked shirts.

But what of our original three brethren?  When we last left them they were being sent over the top as part of operation ‘Gammy Knee’.

It seems war may have affected our leader DolphGB.  After sniping for three hours straight he has become convinced that he is Neo from the Matrix.  This has proven to be an effective strategy, as he has convinced half of SVER that “there is no gun”.  The red pills are on order from the medics tent.

The war is also taking its toll on Brodiesan.  After stalling the tank six times in a row, the guys have given him a time out and put him on camp foot patrol, as rumours of a man dressed in a long black coat declaring himself as ‘the one’ grow more persistent.

Fresh from the medics tent, Folken24 has been kicking butt and taking names.  That is, until he confused his medical kit with his rocket launcher.  The resulting explosion was felt seven miles away.  He is presumed lost and hungry.  The search patrol is set to mobilise as soon as the beer cooler is stocked.

Welcome to MAG Monday week 2.  This is quite an important week for MAG, as people should now know whether or not this is the online game for them.  So will the servers be empty?  Or has MAG won our hearts – despite poor supply from retailers.

As always, Team Attitude are here to give our thoughts.


Faction – Raven

Rank – 12

Loadout –

  • Primary: Janas SWS with Goldwin 4x24mm scope and bipod
  • Backup: F57
  • Gear one: Frag grenade
  • Gear two: First aid kit
  • Heavy Gear: Smoke grenade
  • Armour: Reinforced composite

Fun/Interesting fact – “My sniping is now becoming an obsession. Sure, I don’t score as many points in a game as some of my front-running brethren, but there is something just so satisfying about popping melons from 500 yards.

I’m literally aiming at moving targets who have a head the size of four pixels, and hitting them on the run from the other side of the map. Very satisfying…”

General Thoughts – “Yes I know I haven’t moved up this week.  Thanks to a ridiculously busy week, I’ve been able to offer the smallest amount of support to my Raven team-mates in the last 7 days.

This week should see a lot more MAG activity from me so you can expect me to be leading a squad before long.”


Faction – SVER

Rank – 7

Loadout –

  • Primary: AK-74U Assault Rifle
  • Backup: F57
  • Gear one: First aid kit
  • Gear two: Smoke grenade
  • Heavy Gear: RPG-7 Rocket Launcher
  • Armour: Reinforced composite

Fun/Interesting fact – “At one point during a Suppression outing I found a perfect perch and just rattled off round after round into unsuspecting victims.

I shot a guy with the sniper rifle but didn’t manage to kill him. He went prone and started shuffling about behind some boxes. His foot stuck out so I blew it away and he died. Straw that broke the camel’s foot I suppose.”

General comments – “I’ve been swamped this week so my contributions to the SVER cause has been severely limited.   I did manage to get a couple of rounds in and, for the first time so far, I’ve been trying out some sniper action.

There’s definitely a skill to being a sniper but I doubt I’ve got the patience for it. Fun for a change though.”


Faction – Raven

Rank – 7 (and a half!)

Loadout –

  • Primary: Hollis A3 Assault Rifle
  • Backup: F57
  • Gear one: Medic kit
  • Gear two: Frag grenade
  • Heavy gear: P-200T Rocket Launcher
  • Armour: Reinforced composite

Fun/Interesting fact – “During one particularly fruitful game of suppression, I managed to sneak my way into the enemies side of the field.

Now normally when this happens I get cut down by sniper fire within seconds, but this time I was undetected.

After feeling like a naughty kid in a candy shop, I crawled under a big tanker with delusions of Solid Snake running through my mind.

From here I created chaos, killing at least seven people before they realised where I was hiding.

Yes I got a grenade in the mouth, but it was worth it.”

General thoughts – “I really enjoyed this week.  Upgrading to the revive ability was definitely a good move, adding some interesting tactics.

People seem to be getting into the groove of this game, with snipers covering the front line troops, and medics taking care of the wounded.

Next stop, unlocking the Domination match.”


Faction – Raven
Rank – 15
  • Primary Weapon: ATAC 2000 Assault Rifle w/ Reflex Sight and Fore-grip
  • Backup Weapon: F57 Pistol
  • Gear Item 1: Medical Kit
  • Gear Item 2: F34 Frag Grenade
  • Heavy gear Item: P-200T Grenade Launcher
  • Armour and Apparel: Reinforced Composite

Fun fact – “At the time, this was actually more annoying than fun, but I suppose it’s kind of amusing now.

I was playing a game of Sabotage and got sniped from about five miles away, and unfortunately fell amongst some bushes behind a wall, making me nigh-on invisible.

In the time it took me to bleed out, no less than five Medics ran straight past me, barely two yards away. I didn’t want to bleed out because the nearest spawn point was miles away, so I was left completely helpless.

I was 10XP just waiting to be claimed, but no one came to the rescue. I eventually bled out and the game ended before I got back to any action. Typical.”

General thoughts – “MAG is well on its way to becoming my most-played online game ever, and I’ve only had it for five days.

When you’re on a decent team and a handful of people have headsets, everything seems to just come together, and it almost feels more like a co-op game than a competitive one.

I’ve literally just made it to level 15, which means I can now nominate myself to be squad leader. Considering I’m still a bit of a noob at online shooters, this could (and most likely will) be a complete disaster, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see…”

The powers that be are upset with the failure of operation Gammy Knee, and are now planning a new strategy.   Report back next week for further information.  Dismissed.

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