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MAG Monday week 3 – “It is well that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it”

Submitted by on Monday, 22 February 20103 Comments

The year is 2025.  The Third World War has come and gone; Governments have fallen and economies have collapsed. Beneath all this a secret power struggle rages – welcome to the Shadow War.trans MAG Monday week 2   A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of coloured ribbon

Three private military companies vie for power, recruiting whoever offers themselves up to the machine.  Each soldier that gets enlisted to the ranks threatens to tip the scales of power.

We join our PS3 Attitude comrades in the middle of operation ‘Secret Squirrel’.  Having failed with operation ‘Gammy Knee’, the powers that be have decided that an all out assault would be the way to proceed.

When we last left DolphGB, things weren’t going so well.  The rigours of war had convinced him he is Neo from The Matrix.  Things have gotten worse.  In a recent vehicle patrol, his armoured truck clipped a land mine, blowing him twenty feet in the air.  He now believes he has the power of flight.  He was last seen heading towards the highest mountain in the region, muttering about “going on a secret one man air assault”.  Maybe someone should stop him?

Brodiesan’s week took an interesting turn.  After several days on foot patrol he uncovered a box full of high quality cigars.  Wishing to get back in his teams good graces, he quickly headed back to share the wealth.  Unfortunately, the guys never removed the cigars’ plastic coating before lighting up.  The resulting toxic fumes caused them to hallucinate a magic pixie attack on the base.  1500 rounds of ammunition later and the pixie menace had been annihilated – as well as most of the base.

Folken24 has spent most of the week lost – and indeed hungry – in the middle of the desert.  After much swearing, and several hissy fits, he was found by a group of nomads.  Having never encountered an outsider before, the nomads have promoted Folken24 to God.  This would swell the ego of many, but Folken24 has taken this in his stride – only five statues shall be built in his honour.

Stefhutch20 has had a very productive week.  In only a few short days he has managed to switch half the ammunition supply with peanuts, a third of the medical supply with peanuts, and the peanut allergy tablets with… scorpion droppings.  When brought before his superiors he flicked peanuts at them before mooning the council and running off into the night.  He is to be considered armed and naked.

Welcome to MAG Monday week 3.  It’s a good time to be involved with MAG’s online community, as after only five days on sale the game managed to come in thirteenth in the all formats chart.

Do good sales equal a good experience?  As always, Team Attitude is here with our thoughts.


Faction – Raven

Rank – 16

Loadout –

  • Primary: Janas SWS with high powered scope
  • Backup: F57
  • Gear one: Frag grenade
  • Gear two: First aid kit
  • Heavy Gear: Smoke grenade
  • Armour: Reinforced composite

Fun/interesting fact – “The most ridiculous and yet triumphant thing happened in this week’s MAG mayhem as I laid my very life on the line for the sake of my fellow troops.

In a game of Acquisition, we were defending against SVER who had taken a shine to our advanced vehicles, and wanted to pull off the kind of snatch and grab job I’ve only ever witnessed on Police, Camera, Action.

I was in the turret for a good part of the game, set up with my ‘heavy’ loadout in case I needed extra rockets and to repair the gates to the compound. After blowing up my fifth enemy APC (which earned me a tidy little ribbon) the worst possible scenario came true – one of their team had sneaked up to the doors, laid charges and blown them wide open. I could see, in the far distance, an APC approaching, and I could also see that none of my Engineering team-mates were anywhere close.

I left the bunker and ran full speed towards the gate, repair module in hand. 1 XP point for repairs. Another XP point. And another. I was slowly bringing the doors back to life – which come with a nice set of mines on the other side – piece by piece. But the enemy APC was approaching and making a bolt for the gap in our defences.

The adrenaline was pumping. I stood my ground and repaired the doors little bit by little bit. I could hear the engine of the approaching APC as it got closer and closer. And then, at the very instant that the enemy arrived at the gates, I had repaired them! Hurrah!

Unfortunately, that set the mines off and I was blown to kingdom come – not even all the king’s men could have put this soldier back together again. I ended the game with 23 kills and 1 death, but what a glorious death it was. SVER never recovered, and our vehicles remained intact. Not even the alloy wheels were missing.”

General thoughts – “I’m now learning how to run squads as a result of my level increase.  This should lead to some epic matches.”


Faction – Raven

Rank – 15

Loadout –

  • Primary: Twelve cans of energy drink
  • Backup: Sixteen cups of coffee
  • Gear one: Chinese takeaway
  • Gear two: Will and Grace season two boxset

General thoughts – “Due to various University assignments I’ve not managed to play MAG this week, but I’ll be back with a vengeance next week!”


Faction – Raven

Rank – 10

Loadout –

  • Primary: Hollis A3 Assault rifle, with improved reload and accuracy
  • Backup: F57
  • Gear one: Medic kit
  • Gear two: Frag grenade
  • Heavy Gear: P-200T Rocket Launcher
  • Armour: Reinforced composite

Fun/interesting fact – “I’ve never really played a shooter online before MAG, so I’ve been learning the ropes over the course of the last couple of weeks.

I think it’s paid off though, as I’ve been in the top three squad MVPs about 5 times now in the last couple of days.

I was over the moon with this, and of course my friends rushed over to shower me with praise.  Team Attitude’s own Majiesto, and Kamikaze Kitten Milereb both declared me as Ravens Most Vulnerable Player!

Thanks guys, I hate you all!”

General thoughts – “This game really deserves more time then I can give it.  When I’m on it though, I get hooked in for ages.

My only gripe?  Idiots who start shooting as soon as they spawn, taking out half their team.

Thankfully these guys are few and far between, and I haven’t come across any problems in terms of poor online etiquette.”


Faction – SVER

Rank – 10

Loadout –

  • Primary: Sniper rifle with 4x zoom
  • Backup: F57
  • Gear one: Medic kit
  • Gear two: Frag grenade
  • Heavy Gear: Smoke grenade
  • Armour: Reinforced composite

General thoughts – “I’ve only managed to get a few games in this week but what games! I’ve finally picked up the resuscitation perk so I’m now regularly getting 100+ scores per round.

I like the practice of being a medic but it’s infuriating when people don’t have mikes and they keep bleeding out. Stop bleeding out fools! Dr. Brodiesan has the good stuff and wants to inject it into your faces; so he can get +10 every time of course.

I’m getting the hang of the sniper rifle now, and even starting to know where to go (and not to go) on maps unless you want to be mowed down like a lemming.”

This briefing is top secret and will self destruct in five seconds.  Report back next week for a progress update.  Dismissed.