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MotoGP 09/10 is dated for March release in North America

Submitted by on Friday, 19 February 2010No Comment

Capcom’s  MotoGP 09/10 will be hitting North America on 16th March.

The motorcycle racer will feature 17 official circuits, and all the riders and teams from the 2009 MotoGP season. Capcom have promised gamers free downloadable content as the 2010 season unfolds insuring the game stays up-to-date.

The last MotoGP was a fairly underwhelming affair, attractive to only aficionados of the sport. Can Capcom’s second attempt at the franchise prove more successful?

MotoGP 09/10 will allow for online racing for up to 20 players around the globe – a “first in console racing” boasts Capcom.

Its campaign mode should prove interesting thanks to a reputation system which sees players gain respect through their achievements on the track, but on the flip-side penalty points and crashes will  lead to hard earned reputations plummeting; this all affects your bargaining position with regards to contracts, manufacturers, staff and sponsorship deals.

"Oi, you lot - follow the green line!"

The addition of free live season updates will make this a must for motorcycle racing fans but what it does on the track will inevitably decide whether it is a must for everyone else.