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New ‘Musicality’ space announced for PlayStation Home

Submitted by on Tuesday, 2 February 2010One Comment

nDreams has today announced a brand new PlayStation Home apartment entitled ‘Musicality’ where up to four people can perform a musical performance.

The company are most known for their work on Xi in Home, and will be dishing the new personal space in Europe very soon – hopefully this Thursday.

Up to four players will be able to perform on guitars, keyboards, drums and on the decks in front of their peers.

These instruments are played in a way that Guitar Hero and Rock Band fans will be familiar with where they must try and play the right keys in perfect timing.

Included will be a variety of dance loops, with additional Rock and R&B packs available to be purchased.

nDreams had this to say:

We’re very proud of Musicality, and we believe it will be a great space to simply mess around in with friends. As well as a relaxed ‘jam’ mode, you can play competitively, with each musician trying to outscore the others. Musicality will launch initially in Europe, and we hope to bring it to North America and Japan soon afterwards.

From the attached video at the top of the page, it looks quite spectacular and could be a lot of fun when you invite people over.

There is no word on price, so we have our fingers-crossed that it won’t cost our wallets too harshly.