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NIER receives global release on April 23rd

Submitted by on Wednesday, 3 February 2010One Comment

Square Enix’s other RPG, the one that is not Final Fantasy related, will be getting a simultaneous global release on April 23rd, 2010 across the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

NIER is the latest franchise from the developer and is set in a crumbling world filled with monstrous creatures itching to meet the sharp end of your blade.

You will also have magical abilities at your disposal, coming ever closer to your goal of saving your daughter who has been infected with the Black Scrawl disease.

In case you need reminding, here are some features of NIER:

  • The new action RPG from Square Enix: NIER, the newest franchise from RPG masters Square Enix, delivers unique and memorable characters, intense action-packed battles, explosive magic and storytelling..
  • Unbelievable Story Twists and Reveals: Immerse in an amazingly intricate storyline set in a world plagued by human anguish, buried secrets and a ravaging disease. With plot twists hiding around every corner, NIER’s story needs to be seen to be believed.
  • RPG-Style Gameplay Injected With Action-Packed Combat: Battle ferocious and mysterious enemies by combining proven RPG-style gameplay, such as magic, character development and faithful allies, with action-focused explosive swordplay and combat.
  • Powerful Magical Abilities: When his sword isn’t enough, Nier can call on a remarkable array of stylish and powerful spells to augment his combat moves and overcome adversaries. As players progress, upgraded spells will help defeat ever-more-deadly enemies.
  • Brutal Combat Moves: Face off against evil creatures and unleash brutal combat moves along with devastating combo attacks. Unlock an arsenal of devastating weapons, each with its own design and attack style.
  • Formidable Allies: Travel with a dynamic party of allies and do battle against monstrous giants as a powerful and united party.
  • An Imaginative and Stunning World: Travel across an unforgettable world filled with varied landscapes featuring the hauntingly familiar remains of modern society.

If all that wasn’t enough information, then head on over to the official website and have a look around. Why not become a fan of the Facebook page too while you’re at it.