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“Nintendo’s still gonna win” – Michael Pachter

Submitted by on Monday, 1 February 20109 Comments

Analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that – although the console war is far from over – it will be Nintendo who emerge triumphant.  The question we ask is this; in this period of economic uncertainty should we be worrying about a console war in the first place?

Speaking in the latest episode of ‘The Bonus Round’, Pachter predicted that the PS3’s sales would look great in the first half of this year, relative to the same time last year.

However, the more interesting prediction is that as soon as Sony release the Motion Controller (which may or may not be called ‘Arc’) to the masses, Microsoft will cut prices of the Xbox 360 to steal some of the thunder away from Sony’s latest device.  This is a real possibility, and would be a smart move on Microsoft’s part.

When quizzed on why he thought that Nintendo would win the console war despite not having any major releases mentioned in the show, Pachter said;

“Its that 50% that aren’t gamers who buy the Wii.  The other consoles don’t have that crowd”.

So what are your thoughts?  Is Pachter on to something, or does the ‘console war’ even matter?

Going by previous console generations, winning the console war doesn’t count for anything.  It could be argued that Sony won the last one with the PS2, but have spent a good few years playing catch up to Microsoft in the current generation.