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PixelJunk Shooter is getting a sequel

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 February 2010No Comment

PS3 Attitude can’t get enough of PixelJunk Shooter, so we’re delighted Q-Games have a sequel planned. Q-Games producer Dylan Cuthbert, told G4TV that the team still has a ton of ideas on the drawing board that must be explored before they can move on to new games.

The 2D shooter proved a hit with fans and critics alike thanks to its impressive physics engine which Cuthbert believes still has a lot of potential:

“It took about 6 months to develop, and 6 months to get perfectly right and optimized for 1080p/60fps. The whole premise of the game’s core concept revolved around getting these particle fluids working well so that was our sole focus for a long time. There are still lots of ideas for things to do with the fluid engine which we hope to include in the sequel.”

With Shooter ending in a B-movie-esque cliffhanger, speculation has been rife that a sequel had already been planned, but Cuthbert played down the significance stating that the ending was meant “tongue in cheek.”

Cuthbert also revealed that the idea for Shooter has been knocking around since PixelJunk’s begining.

“Yes, it has been kicking around since the inception of PixelJunk, and maybe even from when I was a bedroom coder in the 80s because I was always trying to get particle fluids working even back in the 8-bit days (unfortunately 1 frame a second wasn’t too conducive to good gameplay).”

Elsewhere there was bad news for PSP owners hoping for more handheld PixelJunk titles. Cuthbert cites a lack of PSP owners being hooked up to the network being the reason; otherwise they would be happy to develop for the system.

“So everyone, hook your PSPs up to the store and download some games!”

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