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The PR campaign for the Motion Controller is all substance and no spin

Submitted by on Tuesday, 23 February 20106 Comments

Sony and Microsoft are about to embark on a motion sensing war to end all wars, but so far Sony have been remarkably low-key in their promotion of the Motion Controller.

Traditionally, we expect a lot of fanfare and proclamations of a new world on the horizon. It hasn’t exactly been the case so far with our exposure mostly coming from a few relaxed test demos.

Well for Rob Dyer, SCEA’s Senior Vice President of Publisher Relations, the gloves are finally off: statements, in an interview with IndustryGamers, claiming Microsoft are thrashing Sony at a PR game provoked a lengthy response from Dyer, during which he stated how “proud” he was at the way the PR campaign is being led.

In a finely veiled dig at Microsoft, Dyer promised that when the Motion Controller is release it will come with a lot of substance:

“From Sony’s perspective, rather than go out and do a whole PR barrage to give everybody the ‘happy, happy, joy, joy’ news, we’re going to show up and have a line-up of products to show people rather than having a lot of great statements to say, ‘This is what’s going to happen.’ So whether it’s at GDC or DPS (Destination PlayStation), and definitely at E3, you’re going to see – and I’ve seen it from both first and third parties – some really awesome products to support this.”

Interestingly, Dyer claimed that the Motion Controller is easier to develop for because it uses the same code base that you currently use for the PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii, something which can’t be done with Natal.

He also reassured fans that the PS3 won’t become a hotbed for novelty games and proudly declared that he isn’t “having any trouble getting third-party support.”

The main selling point for the Motion Controller for Dyer is its connectivity with a camera:

“I think Natal will have some great games on that system that’ll work well without implements, and we’re going to have what we think are better games because we have a lot more learning from [the camera]. We’ve done this for a long time… it’s not our first foray into this business.”

Dyer also rejected accusations that Sony are simply copying the Wii; he asserts that the Motion Controller is what the public want and that it suits the PS3 mantra of “it only does everything.”

“Does our consumer want it? Does it make sense for the games? Can publishers maximize it and sell more games?’ Based upon our research, the answer is ‘Yes, a definitive resounding Yes.'”

One thing is for sure, Sony are going to be a lot more vocal in the coming months. Expect a massive push at E3.