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Prison Break: The Conspiracy busts out in March

Submitted by on Monday, 8 February 2010No Comment

Deep Silver recently launched the website for Prison Break: The Conspiracy and it features character bios and screenshots from the game.

Prison Break was a brilliant FOX television series that started in 2005 and ended last year. The story features two brothers, Licoln Burrows and Michael Scofield.

Burrows was sent to prison and sentenced to death after supposedly murdering the Vice President’s brother. Michael Scofield believed that Linc was innocent and devised this amazing plan to break his brother out of prison.

Prison Break: The Conspiracy does not allow you to play as the main protagonist, Michael Scofield. Instead, we get this new guy named Tom Paxton and he works for The Company. His mission is to observe Scofield to find out why such an intelligent and sexy structural engineer randomly robbed a bank. In Paxton’s character bio it is revealed that he has an Uncle named Aldo. To anyone that has followed the story of the show, that can only mean one thing…

According to the website here are the features of the game:

  • Story & game design developed in part by the writers of the TV show
  • Original voices from the TV series
  • Same great overall Prison Break atmosphere
  • Cutscenes with an alternative vantage point on the series
  • Immersive stealth action with multiple solutions
  • Action-oriented, close-quarters fights with lots of special and finishing moves
  • Gameplay Achievements
  • Interactive environment to develop the character

The interactive environments include lifting weights and using punching bags to get stronger. Why would you want to get stronger? For the underground fights of course! These fights allow you to earn money so that you can get yourself a prison tattoo.

A trailer for Prison Break: The Conspiracy is promised to be revealed very shortly. The game does seem to have a lot going for it. It has an awesome cast, it’s based on the incredible first season of Prison Break, and the gameplay seems to have variety. We probably should have low expectations for this title, but it’s difficult to not be intrigued just a little bit. It’s such a shame that the visuals are ridiculously out of date though. Look at the screenshots below:

The likenesses from the show are actually pretty good, but it looks like the graphics will be quite underwhelming. What do you think?

Prison Break: The Conspiracy releases on March 26th in Europe and on March 16th in North America.

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