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PSN coming to Sony Ericsson phones

Submitted by on Wednesday, 17 February 20102 Comments

It seems the battle for brand supremacy is going mobile, as Sony announce that the PSN is coming to Sony Ericsson phones.

Sony have always championed connectivity, but no matter how hard they tried the PS3/PSP interaction never really took off.

This doesn’t seem to have phased them though, and during a speech at the Mobile Phone World Congress (via Lost Gamer) Sony CEO Howard Stringer had the following to say;

“PSN is a not so secret weapon… Leveraging PSN we are building a new network service that will connect many more network enabled products including Sony Bravias, Vaios and Blu-ray players.

And as part of these initiatives we are also exploring consistent user interfaces across Sony and Sony Ericsson products to ensure a seamless and integrated experience for the consumer.

Sony’s unique position as a company with global assets and expertise in entertainment content, as well as hardware and software, will continue to benefit these initiatives.”

But what will this mean for PS3 owners?  Things that spring to mind are music and video streaming, and game data transferring.

Of course, Sony hasn’t got this market to itself.  Microsoft have just announced that Xbox Live will be coming to Windows 7 enabled smart phones.

We are quite excited about having a consistent user interface, but we wonder where Sony can go from here.  PSN enabled toasters? If you like that idea Sony, just give us a call.

So what are your opinions?  Would PS3 connectivity be the killer app to get you to buy a Sony Ericsson phone?