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Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares – The PS3 Attitude Review

Submitted by on Friday, 26 February 2010One Comment

Lost in Nightmares is the first of two scheduled DLC packages that expand the story of Resident Evil 5, while upgrading the current Mercenaries mode with a few new playable characters.

Does this warrant a purchase and if so, should you download each pack individually or wait for the upcoming Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition?

If you recall, before the events of Resident Evil 5, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine were still partners trying to uncover the conspiracies surrounding the Umbrella Corporation. Events had lead the longtime teammates to the Spencer Estate, home of founder Ozwell E. Spencer. As seen through flashbacks during Resident Evil 5, we all know that this is where Jill apparently “dies.” Lost in Nightmares allows us to explore this forgotten chapter and see just how the scenario plays out.

The downloadable content is reminiscent of the classic Resident Evil with current generation graphics. The Spencer Estate is practically an exact replica of the Arklay Mansion for the first game, with a few dangerous alterations of course. To make matters even more nostalgic, there’s a hidden easter egg that will revert the camera to the classic fixed view as shown here.

Lost in Nightmares is comprised of four separate scenarios. The first has you running around the halls of the Spencer Mansion. Then you’ll explore the prison cells deep below, ending up in the labyrinthine sewers filled with multiple Guardians. Finally, you’ll make your way back to the estate to face off against Wesker himself.

Exploring the mansion and its surrounding areas, you’ll notice that zombies are noticeably absent. In fact, there are only two undead lying around in the prison cells below the estate, waiting for you to inch closer before they grab you. Instead, Lost in Nightmares is filled with puzzle solving traps and passwords scribbled on sheets of paper. That’s not to say it isn’t scary…

Stalking you throughout your exploration of the estate, depending on the difficulty, is the Guardian of Insanity. Much like Nemesis, he will appear at the most inopportune times only instead of carrying a rocket launcher, this monster has a massive anchor. His back is covered in boils, requiring you to aim at a strategically placed eye hidden amongst them for the quickest takedown.

As fellow PS3 Attitude writer Delriach and myself found out the hard way, it’s not possible to knife the Guardian of Insanity and expect to come out alive. Attacks to his weak spot produce acidic blood that will indeed harm you, hence why melee weapons are out of the question. Plus, his grab can result in an instant death no matter your health level.

Depending on the difficulty, you can run through the entire scenario in approximately an hour and a half the first time, with subsequent runs taking around 40 minutes. It’s not exactly short but it’s not that long either. Once you complete it once with Chris, Jill is unlocked so you can have a different perspective. You can always play co-op with a friend to give some much needed life to your AI controlled partner too.

In addition to this new chapter, a new Mercenaries mode comes bundled with two new playable characters, Excella and Barry, each with their own arsenal of weapons and items. Mercenaries Reunion features the same levels but with different layouts and enemies. Currently, only Excella and Barry, along with alternate versions of Chris and Sheva available in another DLC, are playable. The remaining characters will be released alongside Desperate Escape early next month.

While fun, Mercenaries Reunion remains basically the same as the original included with the game. It’s a shame that characters cannot be interchanged across the two versions and that in order to acquire them all, four separate DLC packages must be purchased. Of course, you can simply get the Gold Edition and get it all in one package, something we highly suggest doing if you haven’t already purchased Resident Evil 5.

Lost in Nightmares is a trip down Resident Evil memory lane. Little touches, such as the eerie playing of the piano when no one is around, help create the classic atmosphere that defined the survival horror genre. It could have been longer and Mercenaries Reunion was a bit of a disappointment but that shouldn’t sway you from picking up this DLC, whether off the PSN or from the Gold Edition.