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SEGA will make Shenmue III should someone cover the cost

Submitted by on Monday, 1 February 20102 Comments

Released on the Dreamcast, Shenmue and its sequal Shenmue II were genuine classics designed to be part of a trilogy, but due to huge production costs and poor sales we never got to see Ryo’s story concluded.

In an interview with leading Japanese games magazine Famitsu, SEGA disclosed that they still long for the trilogy to be completed but only if someone else is willing to pay for it.

Shenmue III would require a significant investment which means that it is unlikely to see a return. It has been nine years since Shenmue II, so any publisher would rightly question the financial merits of finishing an expensive series years after it had already been proven a financial disaster.

SEGA are hoping that the fond feelings it has within the gaming community is enough to encourage either Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft to subsidise its development in return for exclusive rights to the game.

“None of the previous games sold really well for the investment made, and SEGA is in doubt as to if it will resurrect the series. However, SEGA assured the fans that if there is some opportunity to revisit the series, they would love to do it. SEGA also mentioned the chance of one of the three hardware makers financing the game’s (Shenmue III) production in exchange for an exclusivity deal.”

Shenmue is the brainchild of Yu Suzuki. In it you follow the story of a young man Ryo Hazuki who is on the a hunt for his father’s killer. It is one of the most realistic games ever created due to its incredible level of detail;  you could converse with everyone and even get a job. Just about anything in the world could be interacted with. The time passed slowly and the weather changed – the beautifully rendered towns and villages of Japan and Hong Kong felt like living environments.

Shenmue had the expansiveness of an RPG mixed with electrifying beat-em-up action

Here at Attitude Towers, we can only hope that Sony will take the baton so SEGA can finally find out if Ryo gets his revenge.