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Sony to charge for PSN? What we know…

Submitted by on Thursday, 4 February 20107 Comments

In an interview with IGN, SCEA’s senior VP of marketing – Peter Dille – has commented on the fact that Sony Computer Entertainment are “actively thinking about” charging gamers to use the PSN.  The question we want to know is, what might we actually be charged for?

Rumours about a PSN subscription service have been circulating for quite a while now.  These rumours gained more traction when a Sony survey was leaked onto the Internet.

This survey listed a number of benifits that a subscription payer may get, such as free access to PSOne classics, cross game voice chat and a cloud storage service for games – allowing you to save your games online.

Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed by Sony, but Peter Dille has said;

“It’s been our philosophy not to charge for it from launch up until now, but Kaz recently went on the record as saying that’s something we’re looking at. I can confirm that as well.

That’s something that we’re actively thinking about. What’s the best way to approach that if we were to do that? You know, no announcements at this point in time, but it’s something we’re thinking about.”

We think Sony would be crazy to actually start charging for online play after all these years.  What’s more likely is that they head down the route mentioned in the leaked questionnaire – keeping online play free but charging for ‘premium’ content.

We’d also like to remind readers of other statements made in the past by Sony that could fit a subscription model, such as access to ‘adult’ content and a European version of Qore. Equally, these services have never made it to market which means that a subscription model of any kind might not get passed the planning phase.

One thing is for sure; Sony has seen Microsoft get their coffers filled every year by subscription based payments, and they clearly want a slice of that pie.