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Super Street Fighter IV pre-order bonuses revealed

Submitted by on Wednesday, 24 February 2010No Comment

Super Classic Costume Pack vs Super Thumb Fighters. Round 1: FIGHT!

There are two pre-order bonuses for Super Street Fighter IV. Unfortunately, this is another case of multiple retailers giving out different items.

If you pre-order from Amazon or BestBuy you will receive the timed-exclusive “Super Classic Costume” pack . This pack most likely won’t be free when it’s released on the PlayStation Store. The costumes are for Dhalsim, Guile, Fei Long, Blanka, and Gen.

The second pre-order bonus is an odd one. Gamestop will give you a pack of “Super Thumb Fighters”. There are four packs to collect and they contain two characters each. You will only be given one pack at random for pre-ordering the game. If you really want all of the Thumb Fighters you can buy the game multiple times or just wait for them to appear on ebay.


Super Street Fighter IV hits store shelves on April 27th in North America, on the 28th in Japan, and on the 30th in Europe.

Which pre-order bonus do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section.

[Capcom Unity]

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