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‘The Grinder’ hacks, slashes and stabs its way onto the PS3

Submitted by on Monday, 8 February 2010One Comment

In an interview with IGN, High Voltage – creators of Wii exclusive The Conduit – have announced that their next game, The Grinder, will be making the jump to the PS3 as well.  Can this game succeed where The Conduit failed?

Not much information has been released about The Grinder since it’s announcement as a Wii exclusive back in May 2009.  What we do know sounds promising, albeit with a few issues that need overcoming.

It is a first person shooter, with online Co-op supporting up to four friends.  Your rag tag crew of bounty hunters roam across levels dealing out plenty of carnage to a world stuffed with monsters.  Sounds like it could be the PS3’s answer to Left4Dead.

High Voltage have promised some unique weapons and skills, as well as a couple of non traditional upgrade mechanics – although that remains a secret for now.

A night out in Bristol is always interesting...

High Voltage had this to say;

“Our secret is out! Grinder is no longer a Wii exclusive. We plan to ship on Xbox 360, Sony PS3, and PC as well.

Bringing our third internal IP to all the current-generation systems allows us to show off what our company can really do and get it into the hands of the most gamers.”

So far so good, but Team Attitude have a couple of concerns.

If this game was originally designed as a Wii exclusive, can it really be ported effectively onto the PS3 and utilise the power of the Cell?  Whilst it wasn’t a graphical showcase, at least Left4Dead did look reasonably good and could chuck a lot of enemies onscreen at once.

Also, High Voltage’s previous game – The Conduit – was very generic.  It promised a lot but failed to deliver on every count.  Can they injected a bit of personality into The Grinder?  We hope so.