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Tony Hawk: RIDE getting a sequel

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 February 20102 Comments

Tony Hawk: RIDE wasn’t exactly a huge success. The game received mediocre reviews and sales were low, but Activision hasn’t given up on the concept.

Today they announced a sequel to the game, again using the periperal and they hope to take full advantage of the hardware this time around.

President and CEO of Activision Mike Griffith had this to say:

Game ratings for Tony Hawk Ride weren’t as high as we would have hoped last year. In hindsight, it took longer to optimize the hardware leaving less time to develop the software we launched in 2009. Still, play testing and consumer feedback have been very encouraging. The premise of standing on a skateboard and performing tricks that only the pros can pull off is very compelling.

But the board may pop up in other titles as well:

This year, with the hardware complete, we’ll be focusing on improving the software in order to unlock the full potential of the board. We continue to believe this innovative peripheral redefines the skateboarding experience and can potentially have different applications in the future.

Will it be second time lucky? Activision sound confident that it will be, but we’ll just have to wait and see. It’s clear that the publisher won’t give up the fight with the Skate franchise, which has overtaken Tony Hawk as the overall favourite skating series by gamers.


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