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Ubisoft reports a Q3 loss, but reveals an interesting PS3 statistic

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 February 2010No Comment

Yet more fiscal reports – double hurrah!  Fortunately Ubisoft’s report seems fairly clear and concise, and eagle eyed readers might just spot an interesting statistic regarding the PS3.

First of all we should get the bulk of the report out of the way.  To put it bluntly Ubisoft have seen a Q3 drop of 2.7%, which equates to about thirteen million Euros – hardly an amount you can scrap about for underneath the sofa.

As reported recently, Ubisoft plans to counter this by focusing on regular releases of key brands, whilst taking less risks with new IP’s.

What’s interesting is they are predicting a drop in sales for casual games – although they maintain that they have several games in development for Sony’s motion controller.  Should we be slightly concerned that the motion controller has been lumped into their casual games section?

If all this pays off Ubisoft claim they will be back to positive cash flow for 2010-2011.

Looking at a breakdown of sales by console, the PS3 has shot up 8% over 2008-2009 figures to 30%, putting it neck and neck with the Xbox 360, and 9% higher than the Wii – impressive stuff seeing as how the Wii has sold approximately sixteen trillion units*.

Whilst we have no doubt Ubisoft are true to their word, their Q4 releases are dismal.  We hope games like Imagine: Sweet 16 and Imagine: Gymnast aren’t the way forward.

*not actual sales