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Wayne Rooney’s face costs EA £200,000 a year

Submitted by on Tuesday, 2 February 20105 Comments

In what seems like a massive middle finger to the recession, it has been reported that EA have been paying £200,000 a year to have Wayne Rooney’s face appear on their FIFA games box art.  Is celebrity endorsement worth such a price?

EA do get slightly more value for their £200,000.  As well as being the face on the FIFA box,  Rooney also promotes the game and appears in TV adverts – it’s a hard life!

In a slightly ironic twist, this information came to light as both Wayne and his wife Coleen are being sued for allegedly not paying £4 million worth of commission to their former sports management agency.

£200,000... really? We would have done it for £50!

While the price seems steep, one of the major selling points of the FIFA series has always been its licensed teams and players.  Having one of the sports most recognised players on the box is the equivalent of having a big cash magnet sucking all the coins out of peoples pockets as they stop to look at it on a retailers shelf.

So PS3 Attitude readers, is a face really worth that much money?  Is the influence on you that great, or is it more about the gameplay?