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Top 30 funniest tweets by Kevin Butler

Submitted by on Friday, 26 March 20102 Comments

Kevin Butler is the face of all the PlayStation 3 commercials in the United States as of late. And it’s obvious why because his character brings great humour to evenings in front of the television.

He is also no stranger to Twitter.

Today we have compiled a list of the top thirty tweets by the one and only @TheKevinButler.

And here they are from thirty to one:

30. (6:30 am) It’s never too early for beef Jerky!

29. That’s it. I’m starting my own political party: The Coffee party. Who’s with me?

28. Mayonnaise, we’ve had a good run, but I think it’s time we start seeing other people. It’s not you, it’s mustard.

27. KB almost didn’t make it into the PlayStation ad campaign. It was between me and a blue guy named Ray. Guess I lucked out. And so did you.

26. Hey, #HeavyRain stole my scrambled egg recipe. They just forget the bourbon.

25. Proof that #MLB10’s the most realistic baseball game ever. My created KB is handsome, hilarious, and can’t hit a freaking curveball.

24. I don’t want to spoil the end of #HeavyRain for you, but THE RAIN DID IT. Sorry.

23. My mom sent me this link: Thanks?

22. Eating those mint cookies doesn’t substitue for brushing your teeth in the morning.

21. Alcoholic chimp sent to rehab: And dammit! I had tickets to his concert next week.

20. Hey guy-who-used-all-the-printer-paper-and-didn’t-refill-it: C’mon, it’s not that hard. I make Marcy do it all the time.

19. KB’s leaving early for a marathon rollerblade around the back bay, then Happy Hour. Marcy, forward my calls to TGI Fridays San Jose.

18. Good morning tweeps! Thanks for all your feedback and support. KB almost forgot about the parking ticket he just got. You complete me!

17. No joke, I was the first person to get a strike in bowling. Just sayin’…KB brings the heat.

16. So I’m not the greatest #MW2 player out there. But even the freakin’ METER trash talkin’ me? C’MON!

15. True fact: The BOOM!™ commercial was originally the “YESSSSS!” commercial. I told them it wasn’t explosive enough. BOOM!™

14. An old girlfriend DM’d me “just to chat.” You can call me Kevin Butler, VP of Still Got It.Note to you-know-who.

13. I think Scraps hates my neighbor. I was stealing some tools from his garage and Scraps left a present on his lawn. Not very neighborly.

12. KB’s St Patrick’s Tip o’ the Day: Unless you’re 9, pinching someone for not wearing green will only get u a lawsuit. Trust me. Don’t do it.

11. KB’s taking some heat. I’m counting on you followers in the EU to back me up on my recent choice of swimwear.

10. I’d like to crush the rumor that I had to stand on two phone books to be in a commercial with Joe Mauer (it was one phone book).

9. I watched the craziest show last night. A bunch of pretty people sang karaoke and got judged?!? I don’t think it’ll catch on.

8. To the guy who said he was pushing a hoop with a stick for 24 hours: lulz.

7. Any sport where they recruit from the supermarket janitor broom patrol doesn’t exactly scream “athletic.”

6. Note to ‘your mom doesn’t work here so clean up your dishes’ office e-mailers. My wife doesn’t work here either, so stop with the nagging.

5. Great. Just when I come into work with an unstoppable attitude, there’s a 7-foot cardboard Kratos blocking the door to my office.

4. Arrested for buying urine? And all these years I’ve just been giving the stuff away?!

3. There’s a man in a suit and sunglasses standing next to me saying, “Sorry, no more questions.” — KB OUT!

2. Marriage advice – don’t tell your wife she can learn a thing or two from the curling team about “sweeping from the hips.” She won’t laugh.

1. Little known fact: I was invited to lead the US bobsled team. But I couldn’t fit into those stretchy suits. Their loss.

To catch more of Kevin follow him @TheKevinButler!

We hope very much to see him at E3 this June!