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Action RPG from Square Enix coming “very soon” to the PSN in Japan

Submitted by on Wednesday, 31 March 2010One Comment

Square Enix likes to torture its fans with vague tweets.

Square Enix has been using twitter quite a lot recently. Just last week fans were asked if they wanted to see FFIX on the PSN. Then we were told that the fate of FFIX will be determined this Friday.

On March 28th, the @SquareEnixDLG twitter account sent this tweet out:

Good news for Japanese PS3 users! I just heard that we might be seeing an Action RPG title coming out for Japan PSN very soon

No details were given beyond that. Obviously Square Enix wants us to speculate. Is this a PSone Classic or a new title made specifically for the PSN? If it’s a PSone Classic it could be Parasite Eve. That would make sense since 3rd Birthday is coming to the PSP. Brave Fencer Musashi is already on the PSN so it can’t be that game. Is there anything we’re forgetting?

Let us know what you think because we really have no clue.