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Activision orders security to Infinity Ward offices

Submitted by on Tuesday, 2 March 20104 Comments

Security?  Insubordination?  Disappearances?  Just what is going on at Infinity Ward?

According to G4, a bunch of non uniformed security officers have entered Infinity Ward’s offices, and when approached by members of staff they were unwilling to disclose why they were there.

At first PS3 Attitude thought this might be a ‘look at me’ piece of viral marketing – but updates throughout the day seem to prove otherwise.

Infinity Ward heads Vince Zampella and Jason West have not been seen since an earlier meeting with Activision.

An Activision report to the SEC states the following;

“The Company is concluding an internal human resources inquiry into breaches of contract and insubordination by two senior employees at Infinity Ward. This matter is expected to involve the departure of key personnel and litigation.”

No names have been mentioned, but this seems to tie in with various social networking updates made by West.  His LinkedIn profile now shows his time at Infinity Ward in the ‘past’ section, and he made a Facebook comment saying the following;

“Jason West is drinking. Also, unemployed.”

Heavy stuff, and with words like insubordination being tossed about, we wonder just what has happened.

PS3 Attitude has contacted both Activision and Infinity Ward, and is awaiting a response – or to be whisked away by security.

Can this week get any weirder?