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Analyst says PS Move is an “evolutionary step in motion based gaming”

Submitted by on Tuesday, 16 March 20103 Comments

Video game analyst Jesse Divnich of Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) spent some time with Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Move, and had some kind words to say about it.

He claims that the Move is an “evolutionary step in motion based gaming’ and that it will be “commercially successful.” Not only that but he gives us some details as to what it’s like actually using the device.

The Move is an evolutionary step in motion based gaming, and despite its clear technological influence from the Wii, I expect the Move to be commercially successful.

As gamers, regardless if you call yourself a hardcore gamer or a casual, we are intrigued by motion based controls.

The Move offers a true 1:1 motion based experience in all the demo’s I played, an experience many core gamers have been begging for. Although, I have to admit, after playing some of the demo’s and experiencing this upgrade in motion based gaming, the 1:1 range of motion can be a little disappointing. I was able to play table tennis for a while and I despite how much I mastered Rockstar’s Table Tennis on the analogue sticks, in real life (or with a controller that measures everyone of my motions) I realized how physically incapable I am at playing ping pong. But I have to admit, I had a fun time with each demo I played.

I have no doubt that the PlayStation Move will be commercially successful, it truly is an evolutionary step in the right direction for motion based gaming.

It sounds like good things for the PlayStation Move. Judging from what he said, the Move appears to actually reflect true skill rather than simple button presses or hand gestures. Is that what people really want out of their video games though?

Only time will tell if Divnich’s predictions are proven correct. Has his statement improved your impression of the PS Move or will it be forever branded as a Wii knock off?