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Exclusive interview – Anarchy: Rush Hour’s Gaijin Entertainment

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 March 2010No Comment

Moscow based developer Gaijin Entertainment might have a Japanese sounding name and a background in creating action titles, but don’t let that fool you.

The creators of X-Blades and aerial combat title IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey on the PS3, the studio also have a penchant for the super-competitive and chockablock racing genre; a pedigree seen in such titles as 2007’s Streets of Moscow and Adrenaline for the PC.

With two new racing games currently in development, PS3Attitude took the opportunity to catch-up with Anton Yudintsev, the studio’s CEO and President, to talk about the first of the titles due for an exclusive release on the PSN in the coming weeks.

Anarchy: Rush Hour might not be a game you are currently familiar with, but this is something Anton and his team are hoping will change quite soon.

PS3Attitude: The first time we heard anything about Anarchy: Rush Hour was when it received a rating by the ESRB. You’ve been working on the game for a full year now. Was it hard to keep details of it secret?

Anton Yudintsev: All our efforts have initially been put on the game working out. We wouldn’t like to announce the project earlier before we can show something really interesting and breath-taking to the gamer. Now the game has turned out to be bright and dynamical, for players of any age.

Lights on during the day? Safety first, people!

PS3A: Considering how little is known about Anarchy: Rush Hour, perhaps you can tell us something about the game?

AY: This is a fantastic arcade racing with a big share of the action. The player appears in a huge city filled with thousands of cars. Gangs of illegal racers exist, with both good and bad characters. It’s necessary for the gamer to mix with a gang of racers and to rescue a city from destruction, and also to find those who have stolen his girlfriend. The features of the game include car tuning and the installation of “adrenalin devises”: jet-engines which can disperse the car up to 1,000 kph, for example. The game reminds me of Burnout to some degree but it’s more “arcade” and cheerful, as the gamer is allowed to create everything that he wants on a road, destroying hundreds of cars in his way.

Cars always look better in the rain.

PS3A: Anarchy: Rush Hour is a re-make of your PC game Streets of Moscow from the ground up. As you’re based in Moscow, we’re assuming the streets will be quite accurate to their real-life counterparts. How much of Moscow have you re-created?

AY: Yes, that’s true. Moscow is a huge city and it’s very difficult to transfer all its peculiarities to the game. We’ve recreated the most popular streets and prospectuses of Moscow while also adding some more locations which haven’t been connected with the capital of Russia. Having played our game – you can easily tell your friends that you not only have visited Moscow but also became a real streetracer who doesn’t know what fear is =)

PS3A: Anarchy: Rush Hour is a PSN exclusive. Firstly, is this the first of many games Gaijin Entertainment will be releasing through digital distribution? Are you moving towards that model? And second, have you plans to bring Anarchy: Rush Hour to other platforms?

AY: This is our first exclusive game for the PSN. Digital distribution is the way of the future and we’ll actively work over our projects both for PSN and for other networks.

You won't be first for much longer if you keep driving side-ways.

PS3A: You’re known for flight/combat simulator IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey and X-Blades on the PS3. As mentioned above, Anarchy: Rush Hour will have the same story as Streets of Moscow but with a new engine and new physics. For PS3 owners who have yet to experience a racing game from Gaijin, what should they expect?

AY: We’ve considerably updated the game, making it even better. It’s a lot more fun! As a result, the gamer should receive very dynamic racing action. It’s got a lot of tricks, thousands of cars on the road and a lot of positive emotions.

PS3A: 2010 is a big year for racing titles. Two new Need For Speeds, Gran Turismo 5, Split/Second, Blur and more. How will Anarchy: Rush Hour stand out from the crowd? What sets your title apart from its competitors?

AY: We’ve a very original game and it’s absolutely unlike the likes of NFS or GT5. We’re all about having fun,. Unreal speeds, tricks and massive destruction are the most important elements of our game. You won’t find that in the games listed above. Anarchy will give gamers more freedom of action; the possibility to create absolute chaos on city roads.

Blur = fast. It's like a rule of physics or something.

PS3A: Does the game support multiplayer like the PC original? Can you describe the modes available?

AY: Multiplayer (up to 8 players) and splitscreen for 2 players.

PS3A: Have you an idea of what price Anarchy: Rush Hour will be aiming at?

AY: We are looking for the price of $8 (€5.99/£4.99) (current estimation). It is low, but we want our game to be available to the broadest possible audience.

PS3A: You’ll be using your proprietary Dagor 3 Engine on Anarchy: Rush Hour. What technical advantages does Dagor 3 provide over other options available?

AY: Our Dagor Engine is a proven technology for the PlayStation 3. In Anarchy Racing we will have:

  • Full dynamic day cycle
  • Multiple light sources (deferred lighting)
  • Weather effects
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion – provides smooth ‘ambient’ shadows to simulate indirect lighting.
  • Real Motion Blur

Most of these techniques use the SPUs a lot – we have more than 350% of average SPU usage.

Looks like this one has seen better days.

PS3A: Streets of Moscow was known for its multiple car collisions. Will we be seeing something similar in Anarchy: Rush Hour? And can you describe the detailed car damage system? Just how much can we destroy the cars?

AY: There also will be many cars and even more destructions in Anarchy. The gamer can destroy the car completely beginning from a small scratch on a bumper and finishing with a total explosion of the car!

PS3A: The game will have a real-time night/day cycle. Does this suggest we can play for hours and watch the sun go down?

AY: Yes, that’s absolutely right!

PS3A: The game will use comic-book style panels to tell the game’s story. Who did you get to work on this aspect of the game? Any popular Russian comic-book artists involved, or did you handle it all in-house?

AY: One of our artists. We thought that to show a storyline in the style of comics would be beautiful and stylish. In our opinion, such art has perfectly matches the game’s concept.

PS3A: We believe Anarchy: Rush Hour is likely to be available in February? [Ed: Obviously not!] Can you reveal what else you guys over at Gaijin are working on at the moment? Will there be a sequel to IL2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey for example?

AY: The release will most likely be at end of March. We are also going to release “Death Track Resurrection” – a post-apocalyptic combat racing game. As for other titles – stay tuned!

We’d like to thank Anton for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak to us. We’ll be reviewing Anarchy: Rush Hour later on this month and wish him and his team good luck as they approach the game’s release date.