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Is Australia closer to getting R18+ games?

Submitted by on Monday, 22 March 2010One Comment

We’ve mentioned previously about the debate raging in Australia regarding the lack of an R18+ rating for games.

Well information has now been released that the major cause of resistance to this rating – Michael Atkinson, the South Australian Attorney-General – is stepping down from his position to take a back seat role in the Australian Parliament.

Can Australia now move forward with what we deem to be common sense?

Atkinson has had his fair share of heat from critics over the years, but then he has also made some fairly outlandish statements as well.

He has even lost support from people within the government, with the Shadow Attorney-General Vickie Chapman claiming he had “lost the plot”.

Atkinson denies that he was asked to step down, stating;

“I have had 20 years in Parliament.  I think there ought to be renewal in the ministry. I think there are talented people on the Labour backbench who deserve a go.

I don’t think we want all the ministry leaving in a bunch about 2014 and so it’s important that renewal be staged.”

He then went on to comment that another contributing factor to him stepping down was the fact he had missed his son’s first football match, so was determined to be there from now on.

Frankly, we see this as nothing but good news.  An R18+ rating is sorely needed, because if claims made by Gamers4Croydon founder David Doe are true, then up to 60 games over the last five years have been rated MA15+ in Australia, whilst being rated R18+ everywhere else.  Surely this goes against what Atkinson was trying to achieve?

As always, the comments box awaits – especially to our Australian readers.  Is an R18+ rating the way to go?