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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 servers go into meltdown

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 March 20102 Comments

It seems once again EA have underestimated how popular their games are – as the online side of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 goes haywire.  Will they ever learn?

Online play has become EA’s Achilles heel over the past few years.  Even recent game Battefield: 1943 was riddled with problems due to the server capacity being exceeded.

Surely that same mistake wouldn’t be repeated with such a big budget release as Battlefield: Bad Company 2 right?  Wrong!

As soon as the game came out there were rumblings of online connection issues.  These rumblings soon turned into a full blown thunderstorm as it became apparent this section of the game was unplayable.

The PS3 version of the game sorted itself fairly quickly, but the Xbox 360 version required a full server reset.  Our guess is because the game sold quite a bit more on the Xbox, therefore more people would be trying to connect.

EA kept everyone updated with various announcements, and it turns out the whole problem occurred because online play was up 400% on any other Battlefield game’s peak simultaneous usage.  So it’s all your fault!

With the reboot of the Medal of Honour franchise fast approaching, we think EA need to rethink their online strategy.