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Biodroid Productions announce ‘Replika’ for PSN, boast native stereoscopic 3D

Submitted by on Friday, 26 March 2010No Comment

Developers Biodroid Productions have just announced that development is currently under way on ‘Replika’, a brand new downloadable title for the PS3.

Whilst details surrounding Replika are fairly scant tat this early stage of the development cycle, what we do know is that the game will be an action/strategy title exclusive to the PSN.

More interestingly however we also already know that the finished product will feature support for native stereoscopic 3D.

After Sony’s extensive teasing of 3D for the PS3 at this years CES, will Replika be the first of many PSN games announced with support for native stereoscopic 3D over the coming months?

The initial press release from Biodroid certainly makes for interesting reading. They describe the game as an action/strategy hybrid cyberpunk adventure in which the leading role is played by a female, who from the teaser image on the game’s official website, to our minds bears more than a passing resemblance ┬áto Joanna Dark circa the release of Perfect Dark: Zero.

Combine this intriguing description of the game with the enigmatic tag-line “Rebellion Revolution Renegade Rip” on the teaser image and you have an interesting prospect indeed. Consider also that the game will also be one of the fairly early pioneers of 3D over the PSN (but not the first) and this game seems like it will definitely be one to watch.

So the game sounds pretty good, but what of the developers Biodroid Productions?

As this is the company’s first foray into development on the PS3 the chances are you may not have heard of them before. Therefore given the ambitious nature of their maiden PSN project you may be surprised to learn that their previous titles, a complete list of which can be found on their website, include ‘Let’s Play Pet Hospitals’ for the Nintendo DS and ‘Chiquititas: The Magical Journey’ on the Nintendo Wii.

It doesn’t really look like much a of a gaming heritage, but the stark contrast between the developer’s site and their official teaser site for the game would suggest to us that this game will be a radically new direction for them. That they are an unknown quantity doesn’t diminish our interest in the final product but only serves to add to the mystery and pique it still further.

Finally, we think that is worth noting that this announcement demonstrates that it is not only established companies and franchises that are making the leap to 3D. That a relatively small company is making such an early foray into the technology suggests to us that there is a great deal of confidence in it being a success on the PS3, and that has got to be good news for Sony and any of us who are seriously interested in gaming in 3D.

As always we’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Does an action/strategy hybrid cyberpunk adventure sound good to you? Do you embrace the idea of more 3D titles making their way to the system? Have you always harboured ‘a bit of a thing’ for Joanna Dark?

Sound off below!