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Counter-Strike cheat stabbed in the head

Submitted by on Tuesday, 23 March 20105 Comments

It has been reported that a man has narrowly escaped death after being stabbed in the head over a game of Counter-Strike.

Sssh…Nobody tell Alan Titchmarsh.

Sigh.  It’s tough writing for the games industry sometimes.  We spend hours defending our beloved hobby against misinformed tabloid folk, and then some moron goes and sets everything back ten years.

The stabbing happened in a net café in Jilin, China.  A young man was spotted by a gang of youths using a ‘wallhack’ in a game of Counter-Strike.

These youths then decided a suitable punishment would be to insert a 30cm knife into his head.

Amazingly the knife missed all major arteries and will leave no lasting motor damage – although we dare say the man will break out into a cold sweat if he ever sees an ‘action replay’ cheat disc.

It’s a sad and frustrating state of affairs – and we can see this being plastered all over the tabloids shortly.

Is Team Attitudes quest for common sense in vain?