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“Enslaved” will be mix of Brain and Brawn

Submitted by on Saturday, 27 March 2010One Comment

‘Enslaved’ is the interesting, upcoming game from Ninja Theory, where a brawler called ‘Monkey’ (mo-capped by Andy Serkis) is neurologically tied to the mysterious ‘Trip’ in order to protect her.

But what else do we know about ‘Enslaved’?

Taking place 150 years from now in a post-apocalyptic America, we follow the duo, who have to get out of New York.

The game is actually based on a Chinese tale called Journey to the West (also known simply as Monkey in the west), which is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature. The novel is a fictionalised account of the mythologized legends around the Buddhist monk Xuánzàng’s pilgrimage to India in order to find wisdom.

The story also features a character called Sun Wukong, or Monkey, who can only be controlled by a magic gold band placed around his head, which causes him bad headaches when Xuánzàng chants certain magic words. This provides an incentive for Monkey to help out with dangerous traps and the like.

The same happens in the game. The neurological link between Monkey and trip allows Trip to control the brawler and he ends up having to deal with monsters and traps in order to keep Trip safe.

While their ultimate aim hasn’t been told yet, this game will be one to keep an eye on as 2010 progresses.

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