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Exclusive Wakeboarding HD gameplay trailer reveals surprise PSN hit

Submitted by on Tuesday, 16 March 2010One Comment

Creat Studios and TikGames have announced that their latest PlayStation Network title, Wakeboarding HD, will be releasing in Europe this week. We have an exclusive gameplay trailer that is bound to make waves.

Can you believe that Wakeboarding HD is the eight PSN title made by Creat Studios? Yup, these are the same developers that brought us great games like Cuboid and Magic Orbz. This game is unlike any of their previous efforts. In fact, there aren’t many games even based on Wakeboarding.

If you couldn’t tell by the above video, Wakeboarding is a water based sport that features a person on a wakeboard being pulled by a motorboat. Based on what we’ve seen, the game looks great. The water effects are superb and you can really do some pretty cool tricks.

The game features 20 arcade style levels to play through. You can flip over buildings, balance on rails, and splash babes in bikinis. There are also dangers that lurk in the water, such as exploding mines and vicious sharks. Wakeboarding has never been this intense!

Wakeboarding HD will initially feature 2-player splitscreen support. According to Scott Hyman from Creat Studios, an online multiplayer option could possibly be added in the future. There won’t be a demo available at launch but adding one later on is apparently under discussion.

Wakeboarding HD splashes the PlayStation Network on March 18th in Europe and on March 25th in North America for €14.99/$14.99 .