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Fat Princess patched + gets free maps

Submitted by on Thursday, 25 March 2010No Comment

Earlier today, Fat Princess was patched to version 1.05, which adds a handful of technical fixes, as well as two free new snow-themed maps, entitled Frost Bite and Candy Mountain.

These two new maps join New Pork, another additional map that was added to the game for free as part of a patch released a few weeks ago. It’s certainly very welcome to see fantastic support for this awesome PSN exclusive.

As well as the new maps, the patch also fixes a few issues that were brought to the attention of the developer:

  • Warrior class: Fixed to disallow shield activation when carrying objects, as well as attenuating damage against lava and drowning.
  • Ice Mage class: Changed level 1 area attack to slow enemies, not freeze them.
  • Soccer map: Disabled online score saving for this level (to prevent XP boosting).

In a time when it’s all the rage to charge extortionate amounts of money for downloadable content, we feel other developers could learn a thing or two from Titan Studios (and now the newly formed Atomic Operations). With these new maps and the promise of lots more content to come, there has never been a better time to get involved with this fun little title.