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FIFA 10 Ultimate Team – still experiencing Chemistry issues

Submitted by on Monday, 22 March 2010No Comment

FIFA 10 is undeniably one of the best sports games ever made. However, since launch, the online side of the game has been rife with lag, glitches, and various other problems. Last week the game was patched to version 1.04, but some users are still experiencing issues.

Soon after Ultimate Team was released (on 25th February), it became clear that each team’s Chemistry value was not being correctly reflected in matches when playing online. A Chemistry of 100 should mean that your team play with exceptional smoothness and fluidity, but this simply wasn’t happening in online matches. It was even common for low-Chemistry teams to beat high-Chemistry teams – something that should not normally happen.

And so the game was updated to 1.04. However, although some issues have been fixed by the patch, the game still seems to be reversing the Chemistry values in matches between a low-Chemistry team and high-Chemistry team, so more often than not the low-Chemistry team wins.

EA are yet to officially comment on this problem, but we’ll of course let you know when we hear anything.

Thanks to thesam903 for confirmation on this issue.