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Final Fight: Double Impact – The PS3 Attitude Preview

Submitted by on Wednesday, 31 March 2010One Comment

Back in the early 90’s Final Fight was the game to play at the arcades. This classic beat ’em up allowed for you and a friend to pummel waves of thugs. What wasn’t there to like? The concept was simple and it was really fun.

Capcom is re-releasing the original Arcade version of Final Fight on April 15th for the PlayStation Network. Final Fight: Double Impact will also feature Magic Sword, another classic sidescrolling arcade game.

There’s a little over two weeks left until Double Impact hits the PSN and we were given the opportunity to get our hands on the game and provide some details and impressions.

If you have played Final Fight before, then this game needs no introduction. This is the same game that was originally released in 1989. If you’re new to the series, you can play as three different characters. Cody, Guy, and Haggar each have unique moves to perform. Despite there being three characters, there is only support for two players.

The controls are pretty basic. You can attack, jump, grab, and move around. By pressing the attack and jump buttons at the same time you can perform a character specific special move. Since this is an arcade game it seemed appropriate to use a Street Fighter IV Fight Stick. If we’re going to play an arcade re-release, we might as well try to replicate the experience as much as possible. It’s nowhere near necessary but playing with an arcade stick adds to the nostalgia.

Haggar is a Mayor that literally Piledrives thugs off the streets.

We don’t remember playing much of Magic Sword back in the day so it’s practically a new game. It’s faster than Final Fight and there are more levels, although they are pretty short. Instead of being able to walk in the background and foreground of a stage like in Final Fight, you can only move from left to right and jump onto platforms.

In Magic Sword you play as a barbarian equipped with a sword and shield. An interesting twist to the gameplay is the ability to rescue allies trapped in dungeons. These characters can then assist you in your quest, but you can only have one ally out at a time. The arcade version of the game supports up to two players and this gives you the benefit of having an additional ally. Like Final Fight, the game has aged pretty well.

It’s surprising how good both games look on an HDTV. By default there is an arcade cabinet border that surrounds both games. There’s also a unique visual setting that looks just like an actual arcade monitor. You would think that having scanlines and a phoshor glow would be bothersome, but it’s really not. It’s actually pretty neat.

If you’re not a fan of the borders you can actually change the screen size to your liking. You can also modify the upscaler to various settings such as Crisp, Classic, and Smooth. It’s pretty similar to the options found in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, so if you’re familiar with that then you have the right idea.

The cabinet display is pretty awesome

We didn’t get a chance to play online yet but Capcom promises that the experience will be worthwhile. Due to the fact that Double Impact uses the popular GGPO netcode, you most likely don’t have to worry about dealing with unplayable lag. Playing with a friend is an absolute must and the online component is the biggest feature the game has to offer. Thankfully, both games allow for drop in anytime online play and offline co-op support.

Capcom included tons of unlockables for both games. The bonus content mainly consists of art, but there are some extras that fans will definitely enjoy. The music has also been completely remastered and you can even switch back to the original soundtrack.

Final Fight: Double Impact will hit the PSN on April 15th for $9.99. Expect our full review to be released on the same day. Until then, check out the gallery below. These are promotional images so ignore the Xbox 360 buttons that are displayed in some of the screenshots.

Since this is an arcade game it seemed appropriate using a Street Fighter IV Fight Stick. It’s nowhere near necessary but it adds to the nostalgia. The controls for the game are pretty basic. You can punch, jump, and move around. Each character can grab an enemy by walking up to them. You can then proceed with a bunch of strikes or perform a throw technique.