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Fist of the North Star coming to Europe!

Submitted by on Friday, 5 March 2010One Comment

Tecmo Koei Europe has announced that Fist of the North Star Musou will be releasing this Summer. Waaaattaaaa!

This was a delightfully unexpected announcement.  It looks like Europeans won’t have to import Hokuto Musou when it releases in Japan on March 25th.

If you couldn’t tell, we’re huge fans of the series. We’ve been keeping up with every screenshot, video, detail, and trailer released for the game so far.

The final title of the game has yet to be determined. Will it proudly display the Dynasty Warriors logo?

Here is what you can expect from Fist of the North Star:

Game Features:

  • Destructible and interactive environments – In the hugely interactive environments players can smash or pummel their enemies into different objects and buildings as well as pick up objects to maim and obliterate groups of malicious gangs.
  • Face down dozens of enemies at once – String combos and attacks together to perform unstoppable killing moves. Power up, then unleash furious Hokuto Shinken special attacks.
  • Dozens of unlockable moves – Blistering finishing attacks that can wipe out entire gangs in one blow, or cause single enemies to explode in a shower of gore.
  • Hidden characters – Taken straight from the FIST OF THE NORTH STAR universe, players will be able to unlock unforgettable characters such as Mamiya and Rei, amongst others.
  • Faithfully reproduced FNS visuals – Every scene and level has been faithfully followed the iconic visual style of the original comic series.
  • Original scenarios for every playable character – As well as having their own stories faithfully reproduced from the source material, every character will have a new original story and ending specially made for this game, giving the fans something they could only dream of.

There is no word on a North American release…