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Games blasted for satanic content

Submitted by on Monday, 1 March 20109 Comments

The video games industry has taken a bit of a beating lately.  It’s been accused of sexualising children, exposing people to violence, and gamers have even been compared to outlaw biker gangs.  The latest issue to be tackled is the large amount of satanic content appearing in games.

Philadelphia based newspaper ‘The Bulletin’ has run with a story claiming that even hardcore gamers are becoming concerned with satin’s influence on the latest batch of video games.

They interviewed avid gamer Lance Christian, 32, of Alton, Illinois who had the following to say;

“This has been going on for the last 10 years, but especially in the most recent games.

For instance, in one game, players kill the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael before going on to destroy God. Another game requires players to sell their soul to the devil and rewards them for “killing unbaptized infants.”

I feel that the devil has a new tool to work with in this age of technology, and the majority of adults in a position of responsibility are left in the dark.”

Christian then goes on to list his top offenders.  This list may contain spoilers, so read the title of the game before the accompanying text;

Tecmo’s Deception: Invitation To Darkness (PlayStation) – Players “make an unholy pact and sell their soul to Satan in exchange for power” with the object of the game being to ensure the resurrection of Satan and obtain his power. (This game is rated “T” for teens.)

Nocturne (PlayStation 2): A game in which the hero (a demon) destroys the three Archangels St. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, then goes on to destroy God.

Shadow Hearts (PlayStation 2): The hero uses his power to intercept and destroy God and “save the world.” (Some games in this series are rated “T”.)

Dragon’s Age Origins (PlayStation 3/Xbox 360): The game revolves around the story of God going mad and cursing the world. A witch attacks believers and players can “have sex” with her in a pagan act called “blood magic” so she can “give birth to a god.” Another scenario allows players to have sex with a demon in exchange for a boy’s soul.”

A lot of PlayStation games there.  Other games listed include Dante’s Inferno, Devil Summoner, Koudelka, Trapt, Bayonetta, Darksiders and Guitar Hero – wait, what?

We can’t help but feel that in some respect, points raised in this article are true.  A few games are portraying God as the bad guy, and cashing in on it.

Is it something to get upset about though?  We think that’s down to you – the consumer – to decide.  If no one wanted these games, they would vanish pretty sharpish.

So does it bother you?  Does your beliefs clash with what developers think you want?

As always, the comments box awaits.