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God of War 3 Cut Ending ‘would be Free’

Submitted by on Tuesday, 16 March 2010One Comment

A few days ago we told you about the cut ending from God of War 3.

Now the game’s director, Stig Asmussen says that if it did return, it would be free.

“There was a pretty large thing that we chopped from the ending that I had regrets about, but then something we added at the end that helps make up for it a little bit, and helps make it more personal,” Asmussen said, speaking generically to avoid spoilers. “We had titan encounters in the game, we had a pretty big one planed for the end and we got pretty far with it it, but it was just one of those deals where we just had so much.”

In fact, while developing the game, the team found out that it required so many Titan-encounters that they were almost overwhelmed. Cuts were made as a result of this, but as we’ve found in the past, it could return as DLC.

“As far as DLC goes, it might be something we might think about getting out there someday,” Asmussen said. “The pieces are in place, the idea is written. If it’s something we put out there it would be something that would be free.”

Asmussen says he has “no regrets” as the cut was the right decision in the end, but to have to get rid of a section so far into development must have been hard.

“Those things required so many resources and they’re so hard to work on. It was literally the hardest thing I’ve ever been involved with before in my life and we just couldn’t do more. We couldn’t,” Asmussen said. “It was to the point where we had to remove one just to invest time in the other ones that we had in the game, to get those right. We could have had more, and everything else would have suffered.”

Here’s hoping that God of War 3 remains as epic and awesome as before, but by the looks of it, we don’t need to hope.

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