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God of War has Changed

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 March 20103 Comments

Since the release of the E3 demo, people have been drooling over Kratos’ beautifully rendered face.

But since the release of that demo, things have changed.

Ok, the changes have been superficial, but they add a great deal to the experience as a whole.

Take a look at some of these screenshots, the first being the moment when Kratos pulls off Helios’s head.

"The Helios Head. Now even shinier."

As you can see, the demo version looks a little more dull than the final version, which seems to have been filtered to ramp up the high dynamic range, making it look brighter and shinier.

The next one shows Helios, still in his Chariot, burning through the sky.

"Have you got a license for that vehicle?"

Again, the changes are evident. Motion blur has been added, making the Chariot seem like its going much faster, and the tone has been brightened. The fire seems less colourful in the final version, but the background has changed from a burning city to a waterfall, which is easier to see.

"Hulk smash!"

The Titan also look better. He looks crisper and the lava look more realistic. The brighter background also makes him stand out more, giving him a larger presence.

All in all, the changes seem to be for the better, making it look even better than it did when we first saw it at E3, which seems almost like witchcraft. Are the Santa Monica guys dealing in the supernatural here?

What do you think? Are the changes for better or worse?