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God of War III engine only running at 50%

Submitted by on Friday, 12 March 20109 Comments

In a statement likely to terrify every developer in the world, God of War III director – Stig Asmussen – has commented that the engine they used to run the game is running at no where near full speed. 

This begs the question – just what more can be done this generation?

We have already done a breakdown of how far God of War III has progressed from demo to retail copy.  The sheer sense of scale, and number of on screen enemies has impressed us – although what impresses us even more is the visceral ways in which you can discard these enemies.

It seems that the game could have looked even better though.  Speaking to Destructoid at GDC, Asmussen had the following to say;

“Well, I think our studio will use this engine again, and it’ll get better.  I think we’re probably about 50 or 60 percent at it right now. I think there’s a lot more we can do with it. I think individually our animations are incredible, and our animators are incredibly talented, but I think we could make our system technically better in the way we blend animations.

And I’m pretty sure that we already have the code to do that, and we just didn’t implement it in God of War III because it came in real late.”

The mind boggles at what a God of War game would be like with an additional 40-50%.  Be it upgraded visuals, more enemies or even larger Titans.

How would you like to see the additional capacity used in the future?