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God of War III website creates intrigue – is an announcement on the cards?

Submitted by on Friday, 26 March 2010One Comment

Hurrah!  Another mystery website/countdown has popped up onto the Internet, causing flapping of arms and scratching of heads.

This one involves God of War though – so colour us interested.

People with high patience levels and flexible thumbs have reported that after earning the platinum trophy on God of War III, they have inspected it only to find the trophy description contains a URL to this site here.

On the surface this site has no information what so ever except an ocean, what looks like a muddy bit of beach, some flashes of lightening and some kind of logo which is slowly filling with blood – well we assume it’s blood.

So what to make of it?  Our immediate thought is some sort of DLC.  We previously reported that some parts of God of War III had to be cut from the disc – so this would be the ideal candidate.

Move along - nothing to see here.

The team at GamesRadar have another interesting theory though.  Is a multiplayer patch on the cards?

The URL is ‘Spartans stand tall’ – indicating more than one Spartan.  The logo on the site also has four shields on it.

Whatever is going on, we shall keep you updated as the news breaks.