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The Homerun – 11th March 2010; v1.35, Final Fantasy XIII and more

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 March 2010One Comment

The Homerun is back for another view of the week’s new content to reach PlayStation Home.

This week is dominated by a new software update weighing in at 49mb that features what Sony call a Navigator, which replaces the World Map and will show when launching Home.

We have to say that we’re fans of this new feature. No longer will you have to search through the forever expanding map of tiles for the right space. This Navigator makes it far easier to find the newest and the best spaces available, as well as spot your favourites.

It works just like the XMB, with different categories including Personal Spaces, Favourites and Explore. If you find a space on the Navigator that you want to easily find again, by pressing square you can easily add it to your favourites.

The Navigator screen appears when you launch Home

This update adds other improvements too. We have found that launching into Home is quicker in this update, which makes us very happy. Even navigating to new spaces is slightly quicker.

There are also a few minor changes and bug fixes that we won’t go in depth, but they are all designed to make Home a more streamlined place to be in.

But it isn’t just about the v1.35 software update this week.

To celebrate the launch of Final Fantasy XIII, both Europeans and North Americans can acquire a special personal space that’s now available for hardcore fans of the series. If you’re looking for furniture to decorate the space in, they’re also available for you to purchase.

The Final Fantasy Eden space

Fans of Ratchet and Clank in Europe may be happy to hear that a collection of Ratchet & Clank figurines and ornaments are available to purchase. They look pretty impressive and will give your personal spaces a lot of character.

Finally Europeans also receive SOCOM Snow Camo items, as well as some updates to Sodium which North Americans also get.

If you live in North America, there is some other content that we have to talk about. The Luxury Race Box space is designed for die-hard motorheads. It’s based in a race track garage with cars flying past while you talk racing with your pals – good timing since the new F1 season starts this weekend!

Additionally there is a sale going on with a variety of personal spaces discounted so if you really wanted to purchase some but have never had enough cash, this may be the right time to take the plunge.

Now we couldn’t deliver to you last week’s update so we will quickly run-through the new content now.

Europe received Aliens vs Predator, Uncharted, and SOCOM costumes. A new Hustle Kings Ball Dodge Challenge has also started!

This would certainly terrify you

North America on the other hand got an Irem Seaside of Memories public space, two new personal spaces, and how could we forget the Star Wars costumes!

In all it is a very good update this week. The Home software patch was a nice surprise, but we still feel that there is a long way to go before many of the features that should be there emerge.

Sources: EU PlayStation Blog | US PlayStation Blog