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The Homerun – 18th March 2010; GAME, Musicality and more

Submitted by on Thursday, 18 March 2010No Comment

Welcome to a brand new Homerun – the best place to find out what’s new in PlayStation Home for Europe and North America.

There is a fair bit of new content this week so lets go straight into it!

North America:

This week in North America there are two spaces available for people to buy. The Musicality space that graced Europe a few weeks ago has now arrived, allowing you and your friends to form a small band using instruments such as keyboards or guitars.

So if you can’t afford Guitar Hero or Rock Band, then maybe this is a good alternative for you!

The second space is another personal area based on a tropical island. This island based in the south Pacific is described as a great way of escaping the busy world that many of us live in. You can purchase it from the Mall, and here is a trailer to help you decide whether it is worth your dollars:

Finally in North America this week are Resistance, inFAMOUS and Twisted Metal ornaments and costumes, so if you are at all addicted to these games, you can make sure the whole world knows about it!


We’re on to Europe now who get a space dedicated to retailer GAME. We talked a little about this a few days ago but to recap it is a space to promote the latest titles that you can buy at the store with trailers and posters dotted around the moonbase.

But it offers more in the form of a special mini-game where you must jump on eight green discs that are suspended above a pit. If you jump too far or too short, you will go back to the previous disc, but you have three minutes to complete the game. Sadly it feels like something that was added in the last minute as it isn’t really any fun at all, but if you’re the competitive type there is a leaderboard if you want to get your name in lights.

So they have GAME on the moon now?

In the future you will be able to access the GAME website and buy games straight from Home, although to be honest why would you want to that if you have a PC in your house!?

Like North America, Europe also receives a new apartment this week. The Warhawk space includes a personal strategy table which you can use to plan your battles without members of the public seeing your ideas. There is also a mini-game to shoot down enemy Warhawks if you have had enough of doing that in the actual game.

Finally there are a collection of ornaments inspired by Uncharted 2, and clothing from Namco Bandai.

Final Thoughts:

Overall it’s not a bad update this week, but it isn’t that exciting either. But to be honest Home offers a lot of content already so if you get bored of the new offerings, why not re-visit something old like the Uncharted 2 space or the SingStar rooms!

Sources: US PlayStation Blog | EU PlayStation Blog