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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: new details and screenshots revealed

Submitted by on Sunday, 7 March 2010No Comment

The latest press release for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light has revealed details about the gameplay, a fresh batch of screenshots and concept art.

The game is expected to mark a significant shift away from the origins of the series: for a start, it will lead with the Lara Croft brand in favour of the traditional Tomb Raider title; it’s going to be distributed as a downloadable only title; it’s the first Lara Croft game with co-op; a fixed camera will also be used for the first time; and it’s expected to be a lot more action packed than previous Tomb Raider games, with concept art showing Lara sporting a flame thrower and other screenshots picturing Lara facing up to a cluster of giant spiders.

The press released appeared on Tomb Raider Chronicles.

“The keyword here is co-op; the upcoming title will feature a multiplayer option and sport a fixed camera perspective. You’ll remember a vacancy advertised last year for lead designer with an expertise in multiplayer maps.”

The screenshots already give examples of how the co-op will be managed. One shows Lara and a partner working together to cross a gap filled with spikes: Lara creates a bridge using her grappling hook, as you teammate walks the tightrope he plants spears on the wall for Lara to swing from. This could turn out to be an action packed equivalent to LittleBigPlant. A promising prospect.

The Guardian of Light is one of two titles in production by Crystal Dynamics, so a proper sequel to the underwhelming Tomb Raider Underworld is likely to still be on cards. Nevertheless, the downloadable release gives us an opportunity to see Lara in a new light, something that has been needed for the series for a while.

Check out the screenshots and concept are below…

The concept art looks hot

Platforming puzzles are still expected to feature heavily

The landscapes are huge as always

With enemies like that, be thankful you have company

Loincloth wearing warrior: "I think I'll leave this one to you Lara"

You'll have to work together to get past obstacles

Let's hope Lara has better shooting mechanics in her solo adventure