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Please say hello to our latest writer…

Submitted by on Monday, 22 March 201015 Comments

PS3 Attitude is expanding once again, and this time around we’re bringing on an extra writer to help us deliver the latest and greatest PlayStation 3 news, plus some more of those articles you just love to read.

So without further ado, please say a big hello to our first ever omnipotent contributor – SupremeBeingJay.

SupremeBeingJay describes himself as a “middle-aged cynic trapped in a student’s body” and confesses that “I don’t care for modern music, I don’t watch television, I can’t stand popular fiction, I’m teetotal and I’ve never been to a so-called ‘nightclub'”.

What he does love, however, are video games and technology, so he has come to the right place – or should that be ‘the write place’. Before you get to thinking SupremeBeingJay doesn’t do anything other than play videogames, you should know that he enjoys rock climbing, hiking, scuba diving and skiing. A couch potato he is not.

We asked SupremeBeingJay if he could be a chemical element, what would he be and why? You can draw from his answer whatever psychological profile you prefer:

“I would be Mythril, but I think that this periodic table must be out of date or something because I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Failing Mythril, I would be Tin, because as a Cornishman I’m completely surrounded by the stuff, and as a student all my food comes in tins (aluminium is the tool of the devil and I refuse to recognise it).”

Please welcome our new addition by saying hello in the comments below…