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LOST island hidden in Just Cause 2

Submitted by on Wednesday, 24 March 20104 Comments

just cause 2 11 e1269467883489 LOST island hidden in Just Cause 2Oh now this is awesome – gamers are reporting coming across a familiar looking island whilst exploring Just Cause 2.

Is that a smoke monster we hear?

Just Cause 2 has been getting some seriously good review scores – it appears that Eidos Interactive has really listened to the criticisms of the first game, and has responded by developing an epic game.

In terms of sheer effort, the Easter egg they have included in the game gets 10/10.  They have replicated the whole LOST Island for you to explore.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Have a look below.

just cause 2 1 e1269467337973 LOST island hidden in Just Cause 2

Oh, what's that Island doing there?

just cause 2 2 e1269467402231 LOST island hidden in Just Cause 2

Fly over this Island and your plane bursts into flames.

just cause 2 3 e1269467481794 LOST island hidden in Just Cause 2

The original LOST plane crash.

just cause 2 4 e1269467539761 LOST island hidden in Just Cause 2

Some are claiming they can hear the smoke monster stalking the Island.

just cause 2 5 e1269467606449 LOST island hidden in Just Cause 2

And here is the hatch!

So what’s the verdict?  In our opinion this will take some beating.


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