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New Medal of Honor trailer provides plenty of shock and awe

Submitted by on Tuesday, 16 March 2010One Comment

Things are looking good if you’re a fan of FPS’s.  Not only will you have a raft of Call of Duty games to choose from, but EA’s reboot of the Medal of Honor series is looking immensely impressive.

Should Activision start getting worried?

The game is set in the hot, dry and dangerous wilds of Afghanistan.  EA wants this game to be as accurate as possible, so have been in consultation with ‘Tier One Operators’ from the US army.

This is an actual army unit, which only has 200 elite members.  Nintendo of America president Reggie might claim to kick ass and take names, but Tier One Operators do it for real – and them some.

You take up the mantle of one of these Operators in the game, and EA have been kind enough to provide us with a brand new trailer to enjoy.  Please be aware that this is an age restricted game, and as such the trailer won’t be suitable for young children.


We find ourselves getting more and more excited with every snippet of information about Medal of Honor.  It looks impressive, the shooting mechanic looks good and it has big ass helicopters in it.

Roll on fall 2010.