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Mega Man 10’s third playable character is Bass

Submitted by on Thursday, 4 March 2010One Comment

As we expected, Bass is a playable character in Mega Man 10. He will be available as downloadable content.

According to Capcom, Bass will hit the PlayStation Store on April 5th for only $1.99. Mega Man 10 releases on March 11th.

So who exactly is Bass? Well, he is a robot created by Dr. Wily specifically as Mega Man’s rival. Bass has similar abilities and wants to be the strongest robot in the world.

Bass has a weapon called the Bass Buster that not only has rapid fire, but it allows him to shoot in 7 different directions. The Bass Buster can also destroy incoming enemy attacks.

Bass can copy the weapons of defeated Robot Masters and he has a dash ability. Just like how Mega Man has Rush, Bass has Treble. He can actually combine with Treble and this allows him to fly while also boosting his power.

Clearly Bass is a force to be reckoned with. Luckily, he Mega Man’s ally… for now.