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Michael Pachter – the sky is blue and other stories

Submitted by on Tuesday, 30 March 20102 Comments

Michael Pachter is a bit of a funny onion.  The analyst from Wedbush Morgan Securities is actually pretty good at his job – that is until he wades into the video games territory.

Yes, over the years his comments have ranged from wildly inaccurate to blindingly obvious – unfortunately many people take them as gospel.

Let’s celebrate some of his best quips.

“Nintendo’s still gonna win”

We reported this little beauty a few weeks ago.  Appearing on ‘The Bonus Round’, Pachter commented on the fact that Nintendo will win the console war due to its appeal to the casual games market.

Well gee whizz Michael we wish we had your paranormal powers!  Who knew that a company with twice as many consoles on the market as its nearest rival could possibly win?

“Natal to outsell PlayStation Move by 5:1”

When we brought you this gem it was with a half smile, half confused look on our faces.  Ten million Natal units in a year?  That would be an amazing feat.

However, he must have balls of cast iron to claim that it will outsell the PlayStation Move by 5:1 – especially with the PS3’s latest upsurge in sales.

“Borderlands has been sent to die”

We can sympathise with this statement.  Borderlands was released in a similar window to Dragon Age: Origins and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  However to claim that;

“If it’s an RPG, Dragon Age is going to kick its butt; and if it’s a shooter, Call of Duty or something else is going to kick its butt.”

Is a bit excessive.

Turns out Borderlands went on the flourish, selling over two million copies at retail.

“Xbox Live to cost $100 a year”

Yes you read that correctly.  Pachter thinks that Microsoft has hooked us all with its slick Xbox Live experience – and because of that they are now free to ramp the price up to $100 a year.

Would they be that crazy?

“Online gamers are jobless addicts”

Holy cow did he really say that?  Of course he did – he’s the Pachter!  Speaking to Reuters about the effect of the economy on online games he had the following to say;

“I don’t think (online multiplayer games) get impacted at all, because people who play them are addicts, losing their jobs makes them more likely to play because they have more time to play.”

Honestly, some things are just better kept in your head.

“Sony to dominate the next generation”

Ouch – this is a painful one.  Speaking in 2005, Pachter made the following prediction;

“In 2010, Sony’s going to have 55%, Microsoft’s going to have 35% and Nintendo 10%, with all three of those having plus or minus 5%.”

We would say “don’t give up your day job” – but we really think you should!

“World of Warcraft subscription to consist of 1 million people”

This one is great, when speaking about online gaming Mystic Pachter had the following to say;

“I don’t think there are four million people in the world who really want to play online games every month. World of Warcraft is such an exception. I frankly think it’s the buzz factor, and eventually it will come back to the mean, maybe a million subscribers.”

Serious facepalm – several million facepalms to be precise.

Everyone have a good chuckle?  Excellent, but let’s not be too down on the guy.  After all, the statement below proves that occasionally he does make sense.  One out of a hundred isn’t too bad…

“I don’t understand why Microsoft has to be first. It is part of their DNA, but they really don’t need to be first if they’re profitable. To finish first and lose a few hundred million dollars a year is a bad idea. To finish third and make a few hundred million dollars a year is a good idea.”